Render It, is a provider of computer graphics solutions created out of a passion for hardware and innovative technologies. As a business, the company leases expensive, high-performance equipment to assist in a variety of tasks to professional firms or creative individuals who cannot afford to purchase or maintain such equipment. 


The Purpose of bitcoin Render is to reduce the cost of computing power to a minimum, as well as to reduce the price of choosing services. As the company's interests are not limited solely to computer graphics and rendering equipment, but also include Blockchain, a technology that allows the use of cryptocurrency.


Our company, Render It, is a computer graphics rendering solution provider established out of passion for hardware and innovative technologies. As a business we rent out expensive, high performance hardware, to aid in performing various tasks, to professional firms or creative individuals, who cannot afford to purchase or maintain such equipment. Our goal is to shift the costs of computational power to minimum, while also reducing the price of our service selection. Since our interest does not solely focus on computer graphics and rendering hardware, but also includes Blockchain [1], the technology that enables the existence of cryptocurrencies; the virtual currency itself and the scope of verifying block chain transactions, the means through which new digital assets are generated and acquired, commonly known as mining. Along with our passion and experience in this field, we set out to join this revolutionary system of virtual assets and design our own cryptocurrency that we have called ‘Render It Coin’, and is symbolized by ‘RNDIT’. We believe the future of our company is closely associated with completion and installation of Render It Coin, which becomes a standard, respected and valued form of payment for services provided by our association. 


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