SABI is based on the analysis of the human electromagnetic field - innovations in biometrics.  The entire human body - all cells-acts as a" fingerprint", so the constancy of its characteristics is very large. 

The system is open for operation only when the user is within the range of the system scan. SABI can act as a global identity card.


SABI-AUTH-Embedded or external module and software for its maintenance, carries out the process of identification and authentication of the user.

SABI-NET is a global distributed blockchain-based authentication network.


In the future, the SABI project can replace all paper documents and identification markers and will create a basis for free trade based on smart contracts, taking into account SABI authentication.


SABI-STORAGE is an External hard drive with SABI biometric identification and authentication.


Biometric identification and authentication is the most important component of information security. Access control and management is carried out by means of identification and authentication. This is one of the fastest growing technological areas, which is now being implemented in the banking business, mobile technologies and systems, medicine, police, education and other areas. The last few years, the market has been filled with tools that allow for the identification of a person by various biometric indicators, such as face shape, fingerprint, retina or other biological factor.


At the moment, the vast majority of modern technologies are subject to hacking, data substitution and falsification.

We present a comparative description of modern authentication methods.


Authentication methods can be divided into three categories:

* password-authentication using information that the user knows;

* authentication device-authentication using the device that the user has;

* biometrics-authentication using a specific physical or psychological trait that the user possesses.

Biometrics is the easiest way to authenticate from a user perspective. No need to remember password or carry authentication device. But, on the other hand, biometrics is the most expensive and difficult to implement authentication method. The choice of authentication method depends on the properties and characteristics of the particular system.


Experts the future of the company SABIGLOBAL was discovered a few frequency bands of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) that, when integrated human exposure given the unusual, but well repeat the effect. The essence of the effect was that the combined radiation in some microwave and HF bands can abnormally penetrate deep into the tissues of the body. The effect

it allowed to form deeply penetrating probing signals and to obtain a unique electromagnetic profile of the biological object bearing the imprint of electrophysiological, cellular and molecular processes occurring in living tissues based on the analysis of the echo reflected from the body. When the scanning device interacts with the biological object, the probing signal parameters are adapted to the physiological processes of a particular organism for achieve maximum information content of the reflected signal. Thus, taking into account the fact that the body changes its reaction to the time-varying electromagnetic stimuli, which are probing signals, the scanning process turns into a process of mutual adaptation of the external device and the body. This process can last from several hundred milliseconds to ten seconds. Then the process is stabilized. The identification of uniqueness in the parameters this process of mutual adaptation is carried out by a self-learning neural network. Ie is important, not itself electromagnetic profile and the nature of the process of mutual adaptation, which in each organism and it's unique.


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