Securix is a ready-to-use cryptocurrency solution. The company aims to simplify investments in cryptocurrency through the innovative SRXIO token with assets, environmentally friendly electricity and convenient Mega Vault Wallet application. Production of the Securix Deposit will be located at the old sugar factory in the Netherlands. This site was specifically chosen based on four main requirements: strategic placement, security, security and scalability. The plant has an area of more than 10,500 square Feet, with a height of 3 floors and is large enough to place 24 000 units of production. With all this infrastructure, Securix will be able to mine up to 24.5 bitcoins daily.


 The goal is to make Blockchain and cryptographic technology simple and accessible to a wider audience. The company wants the product to be simple and clear. It's as simple as buying an SRXIO token and using a passive monthly output share.


 Most people have heard about bitcoin, the underlying cryptocurrency and its potential. But they also read about the risks and the daily unstable movements. You may ask yourself: how can I benefit from and participate in these wonderful new tools and at the same time minimize my risk?


 All calculations are based on a realistic average BTC price of $ 10,000. If a company bases calculations on this rate, then token holders can expect 137% return * on their investment, even if the average price is $ 5,000 per year. You can still get up to 44% return on your investment. * It is much more than you could earn from a savings account in your Bank.


 There is always a certain level of risk associated with investing, but the token is at the more stable end of the crypto spectrum. With this token, you don't need to worry about market volatility as its return on investment is calculated on average bitcoin price per year and you invest in mining.


 Mining has tangible assets. This protects you from the impact of huge cryptographic evaluation curves, which means you can earn a strong passive income with little to no knowledge of complex underlying technology. Using tokens SRXIO you have the right monthly output in cryptography from the operating operation of Bitcoin.


 The SRXIO token gives you access to the mining service and in turn entitles you to a percentage of the total amount of bitcoins ("gross mining income") each month. As long as you own the tokens, the smart contract will 

monthly transfer part of the gross income from mining on the Air to your wallet.


 Investing always involves a certain level of risk, but the SRXIO token is at the more stable end of the cryptography spectrum. With it, you don't need to worry about market volatility as ROI is calculated on an average per year of bitcoin price and you invest in our mining operation.


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