SGAT. Consulting Engineering and Turnkey Blockchain.

SGAT is an it consulting company that provides solutions based on blockchain technologies and smart contracts. The company offers an Autonomous environment for data storage, transmission and certification, as well as tools and services for automating business relations through blockchain and smart contracts.


SGAT SAS provides consulting, engineering and turnkey blocking infrastructures for corporations and implements an individual solution on the SGAT platform in their IS based on THEIR specific needs and requirements. 

SGAT provides comprehensive services in the field of digital creation (websites, web applications, mobile applications, etc.) and graphic design.

In parallel with and based on the platform, SGAT has developed a unique solution that THEY implement internally and that meets in particular the requirements of transparency and traceability.

They implement a turnkey solution customized to meet their customer's specific needs. Their vision is to fit into their customer's business logic to suit their use cases.

Typically, it is a stand-alone environment for data storage, transmission and certification, as well as business relationship automation tools / modules (smart contracts).

The infrastructure is mainly based on Hyperledger technology, but depending on the needs of the client it can be developed. 

In particular, SGAT has expertise among Other cryptonote, Ethereum and Bitcoin protocols and constantly monitors the evolution and release of new protocols or algorithms. 


SGAT is one of the first decentralized smart contracts and blockchain platform. With a focus on increased privacy and maintaining the transparency and security of the blockchain, the company offers comprehensive and individual transactions. The goal is to offer innovative solutions for smart contracts, adapted to the challenges of modern industries.


By its nature, the blockchain is a decentralized technology shared by its members, bringing trust, sharing and transparency. Blockchain technology is now applicable in many areas. Use cases with many sectors of activity have already been touched upon: energy, health, cadastral management, digital voting, car sharing, food processing, jewelry, luxury goods, insurance, banking... And one of its main functions, " smart contracts", which can automate many contractual relationships.

The activities of many professionals-trusted third parties-is converted using technology that allows peer-to-peer processing of all transaction types. Disintermediation, transparency, traceability and security are some of the key points of the blockchain promise.

By understanding this technology, it is possible to identify the capabilities, needs and challenges of each industry, offering a private, confidential and business-friendly SGAT mission environment. Through the ecosystem and bespoke tools, predlagaem powerful and evolutionary infrastructure, adapted and modelled to specific needs of all sectors and business models.


SGAT has the ambition to become a strong player in this transformation by developing its own blockchain and its own cryptocurrency as well as the pre-blockchain overlay app. This platform will cover all services and applications started by SGAT. These services will focus on smart contracts to eventually have specific applications that will be useful to everyone on a daily basis and in full confidence.


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