SLATE . Unrestricted global entertainment access

SLATE is a Protocol based on blockchain technology and a cryptologically secure multi-layer network. Decentralized system will provide low-cost high-speed high-definition video around the world and will provide the possibility of selling tickets in real time. Consumers will be able to spend SLATE-cryptocurrency (SLX) on the best entertainment that exists. The use of SLATE ensures fair and transparent remuneration between creators, producers and distributors. Creators get an objective reward, and consumers get better entertainment. Tickets purchased with SLATE will have protection against counterfeiting, effectively eliminating fraud. Service providers who own SLX can earn even more by storing and providing content. 

SLATE (SLX) intends to be the digital currency of the entertainment industry, providing access to premium entertainment, providing secure, reliable payments and structured incentives. It will be used as payment for a Binge subscription, transactional purchases and tickets for all events offered through Slatix. 

BINGE is a transparent behavioral Analytics platform designed to understand what consumers like and why, to ensure fair distribution of not only economic interaction between the content provider and the Creator, but also valuable data that will help creators get the best content. SLATIX is designed to be a multi-functional e-ticket offering unique rewards, incentives and giving mobile devices unprecedented access to all entertainment.


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