TNcoin. Tokenized Real Estate Investment Fund

TNCoin is a Real Estate Investment platform built on top of the Stellar consensus protocol that allows for the tokenization of real estate assets and for ownership interests to be distributed in the form of digital shares.

Up until now the biggest obstacle in both Real Estate and securitized Crypto investments has been liquidity. With our decentralized built-in exchange (DEX), investors will be able to exchange their tokens.

Our company’s aim is all about creating a direct relationship between Real Estate Investors and Real Estate investment opportunities. We are champions for risk-adjusted returns as every investment is made up of a set of risks and rewards.  

Investors now have the opportunity to store and hold their digital investment in Stellar based wallets like Ledger.  We use digital assets to democratize access to real estate opportunities. This also allows for fractional liquidation and ease of exchange with other investors. The TNCoin platform will include both a desktop and mobile wallet with a friendly user interface.

Our property token is unique and follows a standard that makes it very usable for other services that are built on the XLM Stellar consensus protocol. The advantage of TNcoin crypto asset is to provide more liquidity to investors in a currently illiquid Real Estate and SAFT sale market.

For investors with multiple cryptocurrency holdings, TNcoin will help stabilize their portfolio by providing a steady rate of return through rents while enjoying the capital appreciation of the Real Estate assets. TNCoin also offers safe havens for 1031 exchanges.

TNcoin platform has the ultimate goal-to attract investors to cash in a modern investment portfolio, at the same time to provide liquidity to investors. 

In the future, our platform will provide a lower barrier for investors to participate in the real estate market in the United States under Regulation A +. TNcoin supported by the estate and its intrinsic value. The management will conduct a thorough assessment (including location parameters and comparative assessment) and will be conducted before a new property is added to our platform.

We engage real estate professionals and we ensure that every property goes through a selection, evaluation and approval process. The proceeds from the initial coin offering and title deed belong to the chosen trust company.


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