TrustLogics. Blockchain For Trusted And Secured Professional Data

TrustLogics-bridging the gap between professionals and potential employers, and aims to create a platform for tracking and establishing a reputation for both professionals and independent service providers (ISPS). 

Given that most of the current applications are centralized without a mechanism to verify the information provided by the job seeker, recruiters get results that are arbitrary and versatile, which means that a lot of time, energy and resources are spent on different stages of recruitment for processing. To ease this burden, TrustLogics goes one step further and seeks to create a blockchain app and become a global information gateway for data on the labour force, where the user can check the personal and professional information, keep it on the platform, and securely share access to their data with any user or application. 

Through the use of Hyperledger Fabric, Ethereum smart contracts, data encryption and erc20 standard tokens, TrustLogics aims to be a one-stop solution for recruiters, active as well as passive job seekers and Internet service providers by providing a platform for: confirmation requests; reputation building; access and verification of verified data; referral destinations. These records will be easily accessible to users who can share them with their future employer / hiring Agency with user-controlled permissions. This will not only help professionals and Internet service providers to gain more visibility and attract potential employers, but will also make the employer's decision-making process smoother.


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