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The VenusEnergy team supports the idea of a clean world and aims to spread the use of renewable energy in everyday activities. Increasing demand for bitcoin will also lead to more mining, and the use of renewable energy in the execution of works will lead to conservation, while the work will be done in the same efficient way. The result of the VenusEnergy project is a mining platform where electricity is produced from renewable energy sources.


VENUSENERGY - a Sustainable solution to energy needs.

Over the past three decades, typically rapid growth worldwide has dramatically increased fuel consumption for heating (homes and offices), transportation, power generation, and industrial use. Due to economic progress and rising living standards, the demand for energy is constantly growing. One of the latest changes that has made progress is the digital currency, which is the most significant monetary revolution in the history of mankind. But the further development of this new concept, based on blockchain technology, largely depends on a very important aspect, namely the energy needed to produce digital coins, or rather the amount of energy needed for mining. Currently, the largest amount of energy that the company uses is derived from traditional energy sources, which are oil, gasoline and coal. These are non-renewable energy sources, which sooner or later will be exhausted. The production and use of energy from these sources creates a number of environmental problems, the most serious of which, as everyone knows, is the greenhouse effect.



The process of mining new coins requires both power and computing power. The consumption of electrical energy becomes very large, and the reward received for the calculations performed is not large enough to cover the costs incurred for electricity. The efficiency of mining different systems can be compared by taking the ratio of the number of hashes it can perform per second divided by the power it consumes. The profit from production depends on the price of electricity and the probability of obtaining the calculated value of the hash function. This probability, in turn, depends on the amount of computing power. Energy pricing policy plays a crucial role in promoting efficiency. Currently, they sometimes include subsidies and rarely reflect the real costs of energy production or imports, especially when exchange rates are undervalued. Very rarely do they reflect the costs of external damage to health, property and the environment. Today, the main sources of energy are non-renewable sources: natural gas, oil, coal, peat and conventional nuclear energy. All thermal power plants produce waste heat as a by-product of useful electrical energy. Such a significant release of harmful greenhouse gases into the atmosphere stimulates the greenhouse effect, which causes irreversible consequences for the Earth and constantly increasing global warming. The team of VenusEnergy does not want to wait for such radical global changes that do not want to sit and watch the self-destruction of the world. VenusEnergy team developed a plan to save the world , while retaining bitcoin. If they use the solution they offer, mining will become cheaper as more people will be able to do it; land resources will be conserved and greenhouse gases as well as global warming will be reduced.



The VenusEnergy team offers a solution related to the use of renewable energy sources. The use of renewable energy sources for the production of electrical energy to be used to perform the work significantly reduces the cost of electricity, which means that the profit earned for the work performed is greater. In addition, this leads to the conservation of nature and reduce the greenhouse effect.


Renewable energy source

Renewable energy sources (RES) are natural energy resources, the source and renewability of which are caused by natural phenomena: sunlight, wind, river flow, sea waves, rise and fall of driving, biomass growth, geothermal energy, etc.the resource base of renewable energy sources is enough to meet several times the present world energy demand and possibly 10-100 times more than this demand. Renewable energy sources (RES) are constantly updated by the cycle of nature and are considered almost inexhaustible. They also help to reduce dependence on traditional energy resources. The main source of almost all renewable energy sources is solar energy. According to their White paper, VenusEnergy plans to focus its activities on the wind and energy sectors.



VENUS token is available for purchase on the official website at the price of 0.00002900 ETH / Token.


VENUS token holders will receive energy generated from renewable energy sources; they will also receive the power of mountain platforms. This means that VenusEnergy owners will be able to buy power on the VenusEnergy platform much cheaper than it will cost using other currencies. Discount for VENUS token holders can range from 20% to 30%.



Behind this very promising project is a special team of qualified specialists from various fields, such as it, business and product development, Finance, marketing. Each member of the team is unique and valuable for this.



The aim of the VenusEnergy ICO is to allocate the collected money for research on how to improve the efficiency of installations capable of generating electricity from renewable energy sources. The second goal is to allocate the collected ICO money for the production of energy from renewable energy sources. This may be the answer to the energy problem for the stabilization of emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases. In addition, by replacing power generation plants that use conventional resources, they reduce emissions of other pollutants. The future development of the digital currency depends crucially on the long-term availability of increased amounts of energy from reliable, safe and environmentally sound sources. Energy is too important for its development to continue in such a random way. A safe, environmentally sound and economically viable energy pathway that will support technology is not only clearly needed.


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