WINiota is developing a community based on On-Tangle Provably Fair Casino & Artificial Intelligence, an improved sports betting platform. WINiota strive to be a world leader in the innovation of a decentralized industry of games and bets, paying particular attention to fair and transparent technologies. The platform is based on the transparent, almost instantaneous, peer - to-peer technology of Open Blockchain channels of Iota and Iota channel.


Unlike the vast majority of crypto casinos, WINiota uses the iota communication environment, not the blockchain. The benefit to the WINiota community is important: micro bets and high-speed gameplay through Iota Flash Channels revolutionize the online casino experience.


WINiota want everyone to join a community of players WINiota. That's why they offer flexible micro transactions. WINiota's team consists of online gambling experts with traceable work records in the top 5 online gambling companies; it and blockchain Professionals involved in Iota projects; and experienced entrepreneurs dealing with marketing, Finance and legal issues. To comply with the rules and regulations, WINiota will be licensed by Gibraltar Gambling.


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