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 Winnest offers a revolutionary platform that combines a joint economy and a" social scale " that guarantees a win for each user. 

Winnest ecosystem offers flexible solutions for cyber buyers to access the best offers and increase their purchasing power. Winnest can become a source of income.

The Winnest team meets the expectations of the public, creating an easy-to-use and well-protected brand designed for the mass market. Blockchain technology perfectly meets the needs of the collective market, its "smart contract" Protocol, which allows to integrate the electronic reputation of users, so that each transaction is carried out confidently. Providing a complete solution, including a wallet and account management tools, allows you to use WNC for everyone.


 The economy evolution passes through the digital phase and its market globalization leads to a competition between business models evolving as fast as the technology that carries them.                                         

 For companies or individuals with modest budgets, there is still the possibility to introduce or develop their own & “influencers” on social networks, but the exercise is dangerous in the face of strong competition and can result in a loss of budget and counterproductive energy.Indeed, gaining the support and trust of an audience requires time and wise positioning.However, an efficient social marketing campaign requires a substantial budget andplanning. A bad strategy can lead a company to discredit itself or to be short-circuited by the competition which will have better identified the receptive public to its advertisements

and the suitable diffusion channels. It is therefore necessary to call upon companies that are experts in the field of communication in order to be sure to target the right public and to solicit the good “influencers”, but also to support this effort with the help of platforms specialized in “programmatic” marketing in order to have a good knowledge of the consumer’s expectations. 

 Winnest offers a “social marketplace” revolutionizing the field of “social marketing” and has its own cryptocurrency, the WNC which comes with an “advertising” token, the TWNC. The operation of the platform removes the bulk of the marketing budget based on a principle of a multi-level incentivized affiliation. Each user who has contributed to a sale by sharing or highlighting the product sold is rewarded with a cashback system, but that’s not all.


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