WPP has signed contracts with many countries around the world at the Federal level for green energy production over a continuous 35-year period. Contracts include PPA (power purchase agreements) agreements that convert MSW (municipal solid waste) into electricity and into products to be used for local markets.


WPP ENERGY will introduce the most powerful advanced technologies, globally helping the countries of the second and third world to have new opportunities to solve their significant housing and energy problems. WPP is taking an important step by contributing to the overall profit of WPPCOIN to help increase the production of electricity as a humanitarian aid to the countries with the greatest needs.


The use of cryptocurrency WPP in the Global green energy platform as the method of payment will provide the ideal environment for reduced cost processing and the use of smart contracts for efficient automatic tracking of a large number of transactions around the world without any attempt of disrupting or blocking the fact that it's a process of industry change in terms of how bought and sold energy, consumers will soon be much less reliance on the utility company to resell their electricity, when they have a cheaper option available on a Global green energy platform.


Official website: https://wppenergy.io//

Whitepaper: https://wppenergy.io/pdf/Whitepaper.pdf

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