Yumerium. Game token.

Yumerium (YUM) is a game token that can be earned by playing, exchanging and analyzing games, and can be spent in any game that supports it. YUM combines marketing tools such as referral bonuses or charity campaigns to attract and engage users.


With blockchain and smart contract technology, we believe that Yumerium can offer an introduction model for playing the game using a digital deficit system and a cryptosystem. Loyal gamers are properly compensated, and game developers get new audiences with transparent marketing tools.


As a platform for games, Yumerium will provide a technical platform for games to integrate key features such as payment, license management with DRM, incentive system and a real-value gaming token. The last feature, the game token, is the most important of all, as it can be used for every aspect of building, distributing, using next-generation games


Yumerium will also provide a cryptocurrency-based payment solution that offers lower fees and instant payment. This is done by removing the intermediaries and using the lock to transparently record the transaction, which can be verified by anyone at any time.


Official website: https://www.yumerium.com/tokensales

Whitepaper: https://www.yumerium.com/resources/files/whitepaper_en.pdf

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