Zamzam. The fair blockchain-bank Our future is for cryptocurrency.

Zamzam brings cryptocurrency to the level of ubiquitous implementation: any user and small and medium business will be able to take advantage of digital currency due to the progressive ecosystem. 

Today, a third of the world's population does not have Bank accounts because of the difficulties associated with opening an account for migrants and the uneducated population and the lack of trust in banks, whose bankruptcies lead to stunning losses for investors.

High rates of inflation in the national currency force the population to convert their savings as quickly as possible into foreign currency (for example-in USD), losing up to 35% of the costs of Bank charges and semi-legal exchange operations.

Blockchain technology and light wallet features allow Zamzam users to store their money converted into cryptocurrencies directly in the wallet on their mobile phone and make transfers with exclusive control over them.

It was developed by StableCoin to protect against exchange rate difference Zamzam

user funds during cash transactions. StableCoin is pegged to a real, stable international currency which also allows you to save money in countries with high inflation exchange rates.

Zamzam opens the cryptocurrency market and financial services market to new players – small and medium businesses.As of the current date, there is no user-friendly interface to the market that will allow, by analogy with an ordinary Bank client, to issue invoices for payment, having a history of transactions with clients and contractors, payment of wages to employees and taxes to state bodies that delegate access to the company's cryptocurrency for accountants and other employees.

Zamzam creates a client Bank to maintain the company's cryptocurrency account, which will allow you to conveniently and habitually carry out all commercial activities in cryptocurrencies.


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