ZAN Coin. ZAN Coin - bringing IT consulting and development closer together!

With the creation of ZAN Coin, they not only solve the problem of timely payments, but also focus on three other major points.

- Motivate freelancers to give them the best in software development for important Zan coin projects.

-Buy-Back Option . They will redeem ZAN to keep the coin circulating for money movement and price growth.

- Dividends from the sale of each product. They will take 50% of product sales, pay developers and coin holders in ZAN Coin . All ZAN Coin holders will receive dividends paid in ZAN simply for holding a coin. They will be paid proportionally in ZAN, on the current deposits OF Zan investors when dividends are paid.


ZAN Coin is a real project that solves real everyday problems with thoughtful solutions. Using Ethereum Blockchain and ERC20 technology.


Their ultimate goal is to grow and flourish as a legal and extremely successful consulting firm. They not only want their business to grow, but also want all their current Freelance developers and investors to flourish. Thanks to these important goals, the life cycle of ZAN will make all participants successful. Investors will create more capital for the development of the project. Developers will work more efficiently, harder and faster to create a great product to increase sales. Thus, creating higher sales volumes and increasing profits for all ZAN Coin holders .


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