ZANTEPAY is an Estonian company to create cryptocurrency wallet, which aims to integrate the functions of MasterCard, allowing the use of their cryptocurrency at any time and in any place. Form MasterCard ZantePay will receive support from Good Finance company, which provides financing options in Estonia. Users will only need to register, get a pre-ordered card and start using it for transactions without any fees. In fact, the company wants to provide a solution that will allow users to easily spend their cryptocurrencies through a debit card with a wallet.


ZantePay ZANTEPAY will consist of cryptocurrency multi wallet with its built-in MasterCard, which supports spending of different types of cryptocurrencies. This type of integration will be aimed at solving three main problems faced by the community of cryptocurrency systems. These include high costs, often resulting from exchanges, the inheritable nature of digital assets, and integration.


ZANTECOIN acts as A local zantepay token in the ecosystem and is built on the basis of blockchain Ethereum (compatible with ERC20) and will act as the main cryptocurrency.


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